Get the Shipping Containers You Need

We manufacture in Andrews, TX and sell wooden shipping crates to surrounding areas, including Odessa and Midland, TX

Most businesses have to ship products from one place to another, and that can require a lot of shipping crates. For sale and design of custom crates, look no further than West Texas Crating.

Based in Andrews, TX and serving Odessa and Midland, TX, we build wooden crates for clients who need a way to send products to their customers. These reusable crates are made of top-quality wood and built to last. Whether you need industry-standard wooden shipping crates or want custom sizes and materials, we can create the crates you need.

Connect with us today to place an order for the crates you need to succeed at your work.

Benefits of buying from West Texas Crating

There are plenty of advantages to getting crates from our team. Our products offer:

  • Durability, able to handle all your shipping needs.
  • Customization, created to your dimensions and specifications.
  • Quality materials, making our crates out of high-grade woods.

Protect your valuable cargo with wooden shipping crates from West Texas Crating. Find the shipping crates for sale that suit your needs by emailing us today.